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Minggu, 09 Januari 2011

Characters Grand Chase

Elesis Lire Arme Lass Ryan Ronan
Amy Jin Sieghart Mari Dio Zero

This is a list of all known playable characters in Grand Chase. Some character jobs are not yet available in our version; if this is the case, it will be noted next to the job name. If a character's base job is unavailable, then so is that character.
For more information on a character, click on that character's name.


  • Age: 15
  • Likes: Intense Battles
  • Dislikes: Easy Battles
  • Character Color: Red
  • Type: Starter Character
First Job: Knight - Sword - Skill Tree

Second Job: Spearman - Spear
Third Job: Sword Master - Giant Sword
Fourth Job: Savior - Ssanggeom
  • Elesis is a Kanavan Knight and daughter of a Kanavan Tracker who never returned after he was dispatched to find Kaze'aze. She is an exceptional swordsman who has been trained by her father since birth. While she is on a journey to her father, she hears news about....Click to read more


  • Age: 15
  • Likes: Anything related to Spirits
  • Dislikes: Monsters (especially the ugly ones)
  • Character Color: Green
  • Type: Starter Character
First Job: Archer - Bow - Skill Tree

Second Job: Crossbowman - Crossbow
Third Job: Arch Ranger - Great Bow
Fourth Job: Nova - Composite Bow
  • Elves from Eryuell Island are famous for their combat skills, but are naturally pacifistic and try to avoid becoming involved in Human conflicts. However, in the recent years, the war of Humans expanded across the entire continent and a series of bizarre incidents occurred. The Elves decide to end their isolation and cooperate with the Humans....Click to read more


  • Age: 15
  • Likes: Magical Research
  • Dislikes: Interference with her Magic Research
  • Character Color: Purple
  • Type: Starter Character
First Job: Mage - Staff - Skill Tree

Second Job: Alchemist - Alchemy Pot
Third Job: Warlock - Lamp
Fourth Job: Battle Mage - War Staff
  • Arme is a cheerful Mage from Serdin, the Kingdom of Magic. She became a member of the Violet Magic Guild, the greatest guild of the Serdin Kingdom, at an early age. She has mastered both Black and White Magic, but her curiosity for magic is still insatiable. After learning about Kaze’aze’s powerful....Click to read more


  • Age: Unknown
  • Likes: Unknown
  • Dislikes: His Past
  • Character Color: Blue
  • Type: Unlockable Character
First Job: Thief - Daggers - Skill Tree

Second Job: Assassin - Scimitar
Third Job: Dark Assassin - Claws
Fourth Job: Striker - Nodachi
  • Lass’s mind and body was freed from Kaze'aze's possession after the Grand Chase vanquished Kaze'aze's evil from the world. Although he wasn’t in control of his actions, Lass still felt guilty when he realized that his body was used as Kaze'aze's vessel to devastate the continent... Click to read more


  • Age: 15
  • Likes: Enjoying Mother Nature
  • Dislikes: Everything that destroys the Forest
  • Character Color: Orange
  • Type: Unlockable Character
First Job: Druid - Axe - Skill Tree

Second Job: Sentinel - Jade Hook
Third Job: Viken - Scythe
Fourth Job: Vanquisher - Storm Blades
  • Ryan is a kind and cheerful forest Elf who loves helping others. He’ll do anything he can for nature lovers, and will play obnoxious pranks on those that threaten nature. Ever since he witnessed Kaze'aze destroy the Partusay Sea, Ryan has been driven by his....Click to read more


  • Age: 19
  • Likes: Saving the weak
  • Dislikes: Shadow Orb
  • Character Color: Indigo
  • Type: Unlockable Character
First Job: Spell Knight - Spell Sword - Skill Tree

Second Job: Dragon Knight - Glaive
Third Job: Aegis Knight - Sword & Shield
Fourth Job: Abyss Knight - Tyrfing
  • Ronan is the descendant of the Erudon Family, the legendary family of Spell Knights in Kanavan. He was a Royal Guard Master whose duty was to protect the Royal Family of Kanavan. His mind was being controlled by Kaze’aze who invaded the kingdom, but he regained control when Grand Chase came to rescue and shattered the Shadow Orb. Ronan realized something....Click to read more


  • Age: 14
  • Likes: Dancing
  • Dislikes: Traditional dancing, Being lead on.
  • Character Color: Pink
  • Type: Unlockable Character
First Job: Dancer - Chakrani - Skill Tree

Second Job: Muse - Violin
Third Job: Siren - Kleiophone
Fourth Job: Starlet - Chu-Chu Bag
  • Prior to joining the Grand Chase, Amy was the dancer and oracle of Silver Land on the Xenia Continent. She left the deities she once served after the great war erupted between the gods. Since the gods were being controlled by a darker power, she joined forces with the opposition, the Silver Knights. With her lively character and....Click to read more


  • Age: 17
  • Likes: Martial Arts, Amy
  • Dislikes: Beans, Pimento, The Ascendant God
  • Character Color: Crimson
  • Type: Unlockable Character
First Job: Fighter - Knuckle
Second Job: Shisa - Tonfa
Third Job: Asura - Chamma
Fourth Job: Rama - Vajra
  • Long ago on the Xenia Continent, in a tiny village park where the children of Silver Land would play, a red-headed boy would lead the other children while at play, leading the other children as their general. He soon caught the....Click to read more


  • Age: Approximately 600
  • Likes: Resting, Ordering people Around
  • Dislikes: Any Form of Movement
  • Character Color: Black
  • Type: Unlockable Character
First Job: Gladiator - Gladius
Second Job: Warlord - Sleaghgrim
Third Job: Duelist - Rapiers
Fourth Job: Prime Knight - Soluna
  • Sieghart is the 9th character of Grand Chase. He was a renowned hero of Bermesiah 600 years ago, but disappeared in the midsts of ruins. Reappearing in the times of Grand Chase, he tells the people that the Highlander gods saved him from death and gave him the gift of immortality. He joins the Grand Chase to stop the God of Conquering from ....Click to read more


  • Age: Unknown (assumed to be around 15)
  • Likes: Reading, looking for things Interesting
  • Dislikes: Cacophony, the ordinary
  • Character Color: Cerulean
  • Type: Unlockable Character
First Job: Rune Caster - Grimoire
Second Job: Gunslinger - Maverick
Third Job: Polaris - Magic Mallet
  • Mari is the last remaining survivor of an ancient kingdom once known as "Kounat." Having lost her memory, Mari no longer knows who she is or where she came from. Immensely curious about the unknown and fascinated by subjects new to her, Mari also possesses rune casting skills and magical abilities previously unheard of in this area of the world... Click to read more


  • Age: Unknown (assumed to be around 15)
  • Likes: Being with Alfred, Pure Destruction
  • Dislikes: Sebastian, Meaningless Destruction
  • Character Color: Amaranth
  • Type: Unlockable Character
First Job: Stygian - Soul Reaver - Skill Tree
Second Job: Drakar - Soul Reaver - Skill Tree
  • Dio is an Asmodian from Ellia. Not much is known about him for the time being.

Stat Comparison

Character Attack Defense Vitality
Elesis Neutral High Neutral
Lire High Neutral Neutral
Arme Very High Low Neutral
Lass High Low High
Ryan Neutral Neutral High
Ronan High Neutral Neutral
Amy High Low High
Jin Neutral Neutral High
Sieghart Neutral High Neutral
Mari Very High Low Neutral
Dio High Neutral Low


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