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Minggu, 09 Januari 2011

MegaMan Battle Network 5 Question and Answer

Q: 3rd ACDC 4th sqaure open the way to Oran
A: Okay you probly figured it out but here it is:
1. Go to ACDC area 3.
2. If you count the squares the fourth one has a navi in the upper left corner talk to him.
3. He says this is the fourth square of ACDC3 (ACDC area 3) he tells you to look around from there.
4. Stand in the center of the square and go to the right one square so you are look at the path to oran.
5. Press action (A) and a door appears.
That is what you do.

Q: What is the code for the engine room in the Queen Maire?
A: The code is 11922911

Q: How to find Grandpa and Gow? 
A: I think you are in the letter part...
In the beginning you have to go to you'r house and check the dog house through you'r window
Then go to acdc area 3
There should be a square with a new who likes to help you
Then look at the way to oran area and press A
A door should appear and you have to go there
Speak with everyone and group of nebula navis should come beat them and talk to you'r mom
Then you must go to the oran isle
Near to the mr famous there should be a cave which leads to an air conditioner. Jack there and talk to the mr prog
This info is a bit inaccurate because I can't remember correctly but...
Hope I helped 


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