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Selasa, 29 November 2011


The times
We fought each other
The days
We cherished
Although (Although)
You know (You know)
They could be a dream
They could (They could)
Become (Become)
False mem-ries
You lie to protect me, but then I know what must be done now
Maybe Im no good, you know your better off from me
I just want to know where I belong
Why do I keep breaking, whats wrong with me?
Is time running out for me?
What am I here for?
Who was I then?
What am I really?
Your love, (Your love)
Your care, (You care)
Im overflowing
Your voice, (Your voice)
Your face,  (Your face)
It warms me
Someday when I finally go home Ill be waiting for you
So then our cherished moments can be frozen in time
I dont need a super hero for this,
I just need your hand in mine
Please dont cry for me
Well meet again
Just like from before
My heart (My Heart)
Your heart (Your Heart)
Will stay together
Till then (Till then)
Goodbye (Goodbye)
Just for now

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