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Sabtu, 29 Januari 2011

Tips Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town: Easy Money Part1

On the day of the Horse Racing Festival, get your Basket and proceed to Rose Square. Make a bet on a race and try to win 300 Medals. At the end of the Festival, talk to the Mayor and exchange your Medals for Truffles and place them all on your basket. Leave Rose Square, then place your Basket in the Shipment Box. Continue the game as normal afterwards. When Gotz picks it up the next day, you will earn 15000 G.

A good way to build up some profits is to take some Orichalc Ore found in the Spring Mine to the blacksmith with 1,000 G. Have him make any of the jewelry. Return when he is done and pick it up. Then, put it in the shipment box and sell it for 2,000 G. Repeat the process with more ore as many times as desired.

Start with 10,000 G and have the basket. On one of the horse racing days, take the basket to one of the entrances of the Rose Plaza. Save the game. Take the basket in with you and go to the Mayor. Have him start each race, but do not bet on them yet. Write down or remember who won which race. Reload from the saved game of just before you went in. Go to the mayor and bet on the winning horses. It should be the same winners unless there was an extreme change in the winners pay out multiplier, such as 5 or less jumping to 13, and another horse getting very low or close to the winner's amount. Bet as much as desired. The pay outs are usually very close to what they were each time you reload the game. You should get lots of medals this way. Purchase the brooch for 18 medals. Fill up the basket if you can. Leave the horse races after all three are completed. Take the basket and dump it into your shipping bin. The next day when Zack picks up your things, he will comment on having so much there for him. The money will come from the brooches you just sold for 2,000 G each. If you do not win that many race medals, or want to try again, reload the saved game and start over.

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