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Sabtu, 29 Januari 2011

Tips Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town: Easy Money Part4

This trick requires all of the Harvest Sprites at three hearts or more, 300 bags of Cucumbers, 300 bags of Pineapples, and 300 bags of Sweet Potatoes. You do not need the seeds for a plant until that season arrives. By doing this, you can use the last month's profits to help you buy what you need the next month's season. In Spring, hoe your entire field and plant Cucumbers. They grow back quickly and sell for about 100 G per Cucumber. For Summer, plant Pineapples. You can only buy them from Won. For Fall, plant the Sweet Potatoes. They have the highest selling price of crops in the game and grow back in two days. In all of the seasons you need the Sprites to help you. Have three of the Sprites watering, and four of the sprites harvesting. Every day, give each of the Sprites one box of flour. The Sprites like it more and it is 50 Gold less than bread.

In order to get 250,000 G, you must have lots of patience. In the first five days of Spring, there is a Harvest Goddess New Years Game on the television. Go to the front of the television and save the game. Play the game and win 70 to 79 times in a row. With that amount of wins, you will get a Treasure Box. Put it in your Basket. Save the game and continue. You can get five Treasure Boxes a day. There is also two general patterns of the game. One of them is: Up, Up, Down, Up, Down, Down, Up, Down, Up, Up, Down, Up, Down, Down, Up, Down, etc. The second on is the exact opposite in each direction (ups are downs and down are up).

You must have a Fishing Rod, a Basket, and/or the Large Rucksack for this trick. A Mystrille/Cursed/Blessed/Mythic Fishing rod is recommended, though not required. In Year 3 Spring 30, Zack will come to your house to ask you if you want to compete in Beach Day. It does not matter which option you choose. On Summer 1, go to the beach after 10 a.m. and walk behind Zack onto the bridge. It is difficult to get behind him, so run through him. Place your basket in front of you and fish until your it is full. Then, fill your rucksack with the fish and begin Beach Day. Time does not pass during festivals, events, etc. When you get home, put them in your shipment box. You can do the same thing in the Winter Mine twice a day, and you will get about 4,000 G per day.

Use the following trick for easy money during the first five days of Year 1. During the first five days of Spring, play a game of the Harvest Goddess that will appear on television If you do the correct movements and win 65 or more times in a row, she will give u a treasure box that you can ship for 10,000 G. Win like this as many times as desired. At the end of those five days you will have minimum of 10,000 G. Note: this is very difficult.

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