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Sabtu, 29 Januari 2011

Tips Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town: Easy Money Part3

One day, Carter will become your friend. Sometime in fall, if you enter the church, Carter will not be there. You will automatically go into through the door that was always previously locked in the back of the church. Carter will say that he comes here often to pick up items. From then on, you can enter the back of the church whenever desired. In Spring, Summer, and Fall, there are two Truffles in the back. You can pick those two Truffles and put them in your refrigerator. At the end of the three seasons, you can ship them. You will make a grand total of 90 000 G. That is, providing that there are no weather conditions that will not let you outside (hurricanes, typhoons, etc.). To avoid that from happening, save just before you go to bed. If the television says that there is going to be bad weather, reload the game, go outside for a moment, then go back to bed. The forecast should now say something else.

Pink Diamonds are worth 10 000 each. This trick requires the Large Rucksack, one Basket, and eight Bodigizer XL's. You will find about four or five Pink Diamonds in each of the floors that they are located in Winter at the Winter Mine. There is only one way to get them in any other season; find the Transportation Rock on level 255 in the All Season Mine. In the Winter Mine, they are found on floors 30, 70, 90, 110, 130, 170, 190, and 255. Take the basket with you down each floor. To get down to level 255, enter the cave and save the game before you do anything. Then, find the stairs downward. After you find the stairs, reload the game. The stairs will be in the same location again. Dig the stairs and continue down to floor one. Save again. Repeat this process repeatedly until you get to level 255. You will only end up using a little bit of stamina and fatigue by using this method. However, you will get tired after awhile and need some Bodigizer XL. Do not forget to take you Basket down with you. Always put the Pink Diamonds in the Basket until it is full. After the Basket is full, start putting them in your Rucksack. Once your Rucksack is full,. pick up your Basket and ship the diamonds. When Zack picks them up, you will get 380,000 G. This can be used to get the Town Cottage quickly.

This trick requires a Basket and a Cursed/Blessed/Mythic Fishing Rod. Go to Mineral Beach and catch eight king fish. When you fish for the ninth one, you will catch a treasure chest. Put it in your basket and eat the eight king fish. Eating the fish will help you fish for longer. Also, do not try keeping the king fish in your Rucksack' it will do no good after you catch the chest with those eight fish. You must re-fish for eight new king fish. If by chance you catch a smaller fish, just eat it and continue. It may require a few days to fill up a basket. Also, you can do this for any event that occurred on the beach (fireworks and dog Frisbee challenge). This is not recommended however; if you fish on any events on the beach, your wife's heart will drop by three and on the second time her heart will drop 100% as well your popularity in the town.

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