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Sabtu, 29 Januari 2011

Tips Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town: Easy Money Part6

In summer, when you wake up go to the beehive. Put the honey from it in the shipping bin. Get eight chickens and sell their eggs every day. Then, get all the grass and other things (like wild grapes) in the forest and the nearby areas. Empty out your basket and put it down. Then, go to the beach and pick all the purple grass and sell it. Note: There are four purple grasses; have a basket or the second rucksack to carry it all. Buy flour from the market and give it to the Harvest Sprites. if you have shelves, pick flowers and store them so that when you get the vase you will have plenty of flowers.

Pick all the grass and go to the spring mine. Get a lot of copper and silver then put all of it in the shipment basket. Fish, get the honey, and pick any crops, eggs, milk, etc. At the end of the day you should get 500 to 1,500 gold. Note: A large rucksack is recommended.

To get easy money you need 1,000 medals from the horse race, a basket, and the final level rucksack. Buy 35 necklaces from the horse race. Put 30 in the basket and 5 in the rucksack. Each necklace costs 2,000 G. You will get 70,000 G.

Use the following trick to earn 200,000 G to 500,000 G in the first year. Start a fresh game during spring.
Buy one chicken.
Buy and plant all sold seeds in the market.
During festivals (except Thanksgiving) do not ship your chicken's egg. Instead, put it in your incubator.
Collect all grasses found in the game.

Buy another chicken.
Buy and plant all sold seeds in the market.
Buy and plant two bag sold pineapple seeds from the Merchant.
Buying a cow is optional.
Do the third and fourth procedure in spring.

Make sure to have four chickens all in all.
Buy and plant ten bags of each seeds (pepper, sweet potato, eggplant, carrots).
Buy a basket.
Make friends with Carter so that you can ship truffles (500 G) at the back of the church.
Enter the Fall Horse Festival and bet 99 G for the racer who has the lowest multiplier (x) amount. You can already earn 3,000 medals depending on the multiplier amount of the racer.
Exchange all the medals for necklaces and ship all of them for 4,000 G each. Bring your basket with you.
Let all Harvest Sprites help you water and harvest the plants.

Buying a sheep is optional.
Extend your barn and coop.
Having a cheese, mayonnaise, and yarn maker is optional.
Dig until reaching the thirtieth floor in the winter cave and ship three or four Pink Diamonds (10,000 G each).
Ship two white grasses at the back of the church and near Gotz's house facing north.

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