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Sabtu, 29 Januari 2011

Tips Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town: Easy Money Part5

When you have a baby, name it after a character in the game. That other character will give you a certain amount of money, and if they sell something they will give you an unlimited supply of it.

Starting with Year 5 and every five years after that, visit the Peak of Mother's Hill on a sunny Fall 10 between 6 p.m. and midnight. This will start the Shooting Star event. Make the wish to double profits. The day will end. Ship as many items as possible until 5 p.m. When Zack arrives, your profits will double on Fall 11.

Collect all the grass (blue grass) except black and sell it. It sells for about 100 gold each, except black which only sells for 10 gold. It is possible to get about a 1,000 gold per day by doing this.

When you start the game, the Mayor and Zack will come to your house. After that, go directly to the Honey Tree and ship as fast as you can. Then, go to the Spring Mine to dig gold, and if desired smash the stones to get ores for upgrading or you may ship them. When you go back to your house, dig in your field to find the first Power Berry. Note:There may only be one to three Power Berries on your farm. When Zack arrives, directly go to sleep and wait for morning. Do the same process for about two weeks and you will earn lots of money. On the third week you may continue the process or get a day-off for a while; or you may get your girlfriend and get introduced to the town. Buy the basket for about on the third week of spring before you get the rucksack and the large one. When you follow this, you may get an easy life to enjoy.

Go to the horse races and bet on the horse you think will win. Note: The winner of the races is usually the one with the lowest thing by their name. For example, between Harmony *3 and George *4, Harmony is more likely to win. Try to win 600 medals or more, then buy necklaces for 20 medals each. They can be sold for 2,000 G.

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